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Venus S/S 2020

Venus S/S 2019

Venus is a 6 outfit, 18 piece collection inspired by the oceans and the Italian Renaissance. Our oceans all around the world were once beautiful places containing many different types of animals and plant life. The human race as polluted these irreplaceable habitats with plastic and many more pollutants. With Venus, it was important to show this oceanic beauty and empower the viewer to want to restore the oceans to this original, non-polluted condition. Inspiration also was found  from the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci, Boticelli, the Sistine Chapel, and depictions of Venus (the Goddess of Love herself) were key factors within our concept. Lastly, the modern art installation "Support" by Lorenzo Quinn helped us tie these two ideas together. 

Our goal was to make our models look like ethereal mermaids emerging from the waters, only to get tangled in the pollution on the way out. We recycled plastic pop can holders and wove them into our hairstyles to show this idea. 

Hair and makeup was done by Jennifer Wallek and Marcy Weese from Violet & Vita Hair Studio in Lockport, New York. Styling was by Kaitlyn Perchaluk. Our stunning models were Sara Popp, Haylee Wakefield, Crystal Tomlinson, Emma McKenna, Lexxy Lipinski, and Marina Boswell. 

Garment Specifics:

Fabrics for this collection include marquisette mesh, matte satin, chiffons, organzas, tulle, handstitched lace applique, spiral steel boning and more. The three corsets feature hook and eye closures in the back and the matching panties have a zipper closure at the back as well. The chiffon jumpsuit features a knit bodysuit underneath and the chiffon dress has a pair of knit panties under it. The chiffon dress also features french bustle points for added texture and shape. All belts are seperate fromtthe garments and the finale ruffled skirt and belt is fully detatchable from the bodysuit. All panties and woven bodysuits are fully lined with boning for added support. 


Venus received the American Sewing Guild Award at Buffalo State College's Runway 12.0

Photos below are by Bruce Fox.

Photos below are by Aaron Bobeck.

Photos below are by Rick Warne.