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Welcome to J. Elisabeth Designs by Jordan Stover!

Starting prices for custom garments are listed below. Exact cost will be determined based on the design of the garment, cost of materials, and the amount of work going into the design. Labor will be $26 per hour. Cost of alterations will be determined by what tasks need to be completed and the complexity of the garment. A rush fee of an additional 30% will be applied if the event is less than 3 weeks away from an initial alterations fitting. Custom garments and alterations will require multiple fittings. Date of the event and current number of clients will affect availability, so please reach out early! *Please note that we recommend starting your alterations 3 months prior to the event.*

For any alterations or custom piece inquiries along with any purchases or orders, please email us at

To book a Custom Garment Consultation, click HERE

We are able to accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express for payment at this time.